Our mission is to produce a top quality nutritious product at the right price.

Super Soya is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of low-cost nutritional food, since 1996. It is a family business and operates on its own premises of about 1000 sqm, in De Wildt, North West Province.

A staff of 20 people are consecrated to uphold the safety standards of FSA ISO/TS 22002, which was awarded to the company in November 2014. The National Department of Education has approved Super Soya as a supplier of fortified foods to schools within the NSNP feeding programs of the government in South Africa.

Our mission is to produce a top quality nutritious product at the right price and endeavour to support the feeding schemes with assistance in preparing and maximising the use of soya mince as a supplement to their menus

The products manufactured and supplied are:

 Soya mince & nuggets.
 Mageu powder
 Vitamin C Cool drink powders
 Instant pap
 Soup and Gravy powders
 Maize Meal
 Sugar Beans