Input Determines Output

Although nobody would ever consider using inferior fuel in one of his vehicles it is amazing to see that so many employers do not hesitate to supply inferior food to their employees, in fact in some cases they do not even know what food their workers are getting -or even if they are getting anything at all. But in spite of this – the big consideration is always what quality and quantity of production can be expected from workers. One finds that often, work is allocated to workers that are physically not capable of doing what is required of them because of undernourishment. One has to realize the food is the fuel the body burns to generate the energy to do things, and as with any vehicle, if the fuel is inferior the result will also be inferior.

Food And The Human Body

Food is the source of energy that allows the proper functioning of the body with regard to growth, healing and maintenance of the muscles and organs. Nutrients that a balanced diet should contain, are proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and water.


Proteins are absolutely necessary for life. They are responsible for the growth and for repairing damaged and worn fibres. Foods that are high in protein are meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and certain plants of which the soya bean is the best source. Soya products have been used in the East as the main source of protein for hundreds of years because it is so versatile and nutritious and because it is one of the cheapest sources of high-quality protein.

Today soya beans are processed and a product called T.V.P (Textured Vegetable Protein) is made which makes the soya bean available in a form that is much more acceptable with regard to taste and digestibility. In this form, it is used to manufacture balanced dehydrated food mixtures that are freely available in the trade. These mixtures are balanced and so provide all the necessary nutrients in the right proportions to the body, and yet are economical to use, because 1kg of product reconstitutes with approximately 4 litres of water to provide approximately 30 to 40 meals.

A shortage of protein results in an illness called kwashiorkor. Retarded growth, depression and swelling of the body are symptoms of this disease. Starvation also results in a disease called marasmus or emaciation, mainly due to the shortage of protein and carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates provide the necessary energy to the muscles and also the necessary heat to the body. It can be stored in the liver as glycogen and then released, as the body requires it Sources of carbohydrate are found in sugar and starches which are available in various forms one of which is once again the soya bean.

Fats And Oils

The function of fats and oils in the body are similar to carbohydrates in that they are also a source of energy and heat but they also help prevent sudden heat loss of the body and also help to keep the skin healthy. Sources of fats and oils are meat, fish, dairy products as well as plants in the form of olive oil, soya oil, sunflower oil etc. It is generally accepted that plant oils are healthier than animal fats and oils. A shortage of fats and oils in a diet can lead to lethargy, sore chapped skin and big temperature fluctuations of the body.


Minerals like iron, zinc, calcium etc. are essential for keeping the body healthy and are necessary for things like the formation of teeth and bones, for the clotting of blood, the healing of wounds and for controlling the normal rhythm of the heart. In some cases minerals have the effect of relieving rheumatic pains. Minerals are found in meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, dairy products and soya beans. A shortage of minerals in the body can cause the bones to become soft or brittle and some cases can cause curvature. Teeth are adversely affected, growth can be retarded and the absorption of other nutrients by die body can be affected.


Vitamins promote growth, regulate the body processes and increase the body’s resistance against disease and infection. A balanced diet that includes vitamins is absolutely essential although only small quantities are required daily for the normal functioning of the body. Sources of vitamins are meat, fish, grains, legumes, soya beans, leafy vegetables, liver, nuts, milk and fruit.

A shortage of vitamins in the body can lead to weak resistance against disease and infection, retarded growth and irregular body processes.


Malnutrition, as well as incorrect nutrition, can lead to serious problems in the development of the child. Examples of this are the retarded development of muscles and the brain, both of which cannot be corrected at a later stage. In adult laborers, the effect can be a lack of energy, concentration and loss of man-hours due to illness because of the inability to resist disease. Because of the above factors, the cost of damaged equipment, low productivity and poor quality work can far exceed the cost of proper feeding. A proper balanced daily diet for laborers and even their families, is a profitable investment for now as well as for the future and is within every employers financial reach, in fact one wonders how employers can afford not to feed their workers when you realize that a helping of highly nutritious food can cost as little as 11 cents.

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